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At OptiRAS, we believe in pushing the limits of what technology can do. We strive to revolutionize Resirculation Aquaculture Systems through fully instrumented and integrated RAS units, where water treatment is within and above the tank. Our prefabricated modules are ready for use, providing biosecurity & optimal fish welfare, while saving time and money. Join us on a journey to a smarter future.

Team OptiRAS


Redefining the Way We Use RAS Technology

We're on a mission to change the way we use RAS technology today. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions such as OptiRAS. We believe in doing things differently and challenging the status quo. 

Morten Aga

Co-founder and Technical Lead,

Searas AS

Morten Aga technical leader OptiRAS
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SeaRAS & Leirvik Collaboration

In a remarkable collaboration SeaRAS and Leirvik AS have seamlessly combined their expertise to bring the first OptiRAS module to life. With a diameter of 22 meters and standing at 6 meters in height, this innovative module boasts a total volume of 2100 m³ – an environment designed to nurture and support the growth of up to 85 tonnes of fish. Spearheading this groundbreaking construction is Leirvik AS, leveraging their pioneering Aluminim approach with SeaRAS's visionary design concept. Together, this partnership is setting the stage for a new era of excellence in on shore fish farming.


Our Partners

At OptiRAS, we believe in collaboration and partnership. We work hand in hand with a select group of industry leaders who share our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our valued partners include:


Bremnes Seashore valued fish farming partner, driving innovation in aquaculture.
Nofima industry partner OptiRAS


Innovasjon Norge industry partner Optiras AS project


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